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My Tutorials are strictly my own creations if they
resemble anothers it is purely coinsidense.This is 
written with the use of PSP X2 but I am sure will
work in any other PSP's as well. And for those
that have basic knowledge of PSP.

You Will Need.

Scrap Kit From Sky Scraps "All The Lovers" You Can Get HERE

Art I am using is from Sky Scraps you must purchase a License to use Her art you can do so HERE

Font MissFajardose you can get HERE (not a free font but any font will work)

PlugIn-Eye Candy-Gradient Glow Not a Necessity to this Tutorial.

Animation Shop-Not needed if not animating. 

Same drop shadow threw entire Tut, 2,2,50, 11 Feel free to use what you feel comfortable with.

Open new image now I like my tags large so I start with 750 by 750 but we are going to crop and resize later okay.

Now Open tube, if your using the one I did you are going to Image-Resize 70% Edit-Copy, Edit-Paste as new layer and place to the right of the tag. Not the edge as we want room to add all our elements so just the general right.

Open Element40 Effects-Photo Effects-Black and white Film. Image-Free Rotate- Left 90%. Then Image-Resize 70%. Edit-Copy, Edit-Paste as new layer on the left of tag this is going to be our mirror. So you want to place over the tube height.

Now Duplicate Tube and place one under Frame. Make Frame layer active click inside it with magic wand, Selections-Modify-Expand 5. Selections Invert make copy of tube layer active and Hit Delete. Leave Selected.

Open paper4 Edit-Copy, Edit-Paste as new layer place under copied tube and Hit Delete. Selections-Select None.

Duplicate Copy of tube in mirror frame we made. On top layer of tube go to Adjust-Blur-Gaussain Blur5 Turn Layer to Hard Light. Then on the bottom tube Effects-Photo Effects-Black and white Film.

Element41 Edit-Copy, Edit-Paste as new layer place on right side of mirror we made. Under main tube layer.

Element25 Edit-Copy, EDit-Paste as new layer Image-Resize 60% place on left of frame.

Border1 Edit-Copy, Edit-Paste as new layer Image-Free Rotate 90%, Image-Resize 70%. Place on bottom of tag to cover where the tubes legs end.

Open Element39 Edit-Copy, Edit-Paste as new layer. Image-Resize 50% and place on top of frame and then Duplicate and place copy on bottom of frame.

Element17 Edit-Copy, Edit-Paste as new layer. Mirror, Image-Resize 40% Place on lower left of tag on top of border like is laying on it.

Open Element53 Edit-Copy, Edit-Paste as new layer. Image-Resize 40% Place in front of cats tail but like on border too.

Element52 Edit-Copy, Edit-Paste as new layer. Image-Resize30% place on right bottom of tag on top of border also.

Open Element16 Edit-Copy, Edit-Paste as new layer Image-Resize 30% place in upper right corner.

Element15 Edit-Copy, Edit-Paste as new layer. Image-Resize30% place on bottom on glass.

Element60 Edit-Copy, Edit-Paste as new layer. Layers-Arrange-Send to Bottom. (no drop shadow)

Open Element59 Edit-Copy, Edit-Paste as new layer. Layers-Arrange-Send to bottom. Image-Mirror. (no drop shadow)

Add drop shadows you want. 

Crop image to get all extra space out of tag.

Image-Resize 650 on longest side or smaller if that is your preference.

Add Proper Copy Right.

Add Name you want I used font MissFajardose and placed name in upper left of tag. And added a slight Eye Candy-Gradient Glow.

Now if not animating Save as PNG and thank you for trying my Tutorial if Animating keep going with Tutorial:)


Add New Raster Layer-Floodfill white Layers-Arrange-Send to bottom.

Now Back to Elements 59 and 60 (Red and black bottom layers)

We are going to Duplicate each one, only once then mirror the copy of each layer but close off these copies.

Edit-Copy Special-Copy Merged. Open Animation Shop Edit-Paste as new Animation.

Back to PSP Close off the red and black layers and open the copies of them Edit-Copy Special-Copy Merged. Back in Animation. Edit-Paste after Current Frame.

Now working just in Animation Shop. Edit-Select All,  Animation-Frame Properties. Change to 25.

File-Save As. Name File Click Save, Next, Next, Next Okay. And thats our tag

Thank you for trying this Tutorial:)


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